Octagon Medical Services, Ltd.

Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Octagon Medical Services (OMS) is a full service waste disposal company that provides safe and cost effective management of regulated biomedical and hazardous waste. OMS is the only Canadian based company in Ontario that is fully licensed with the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to provide proper collection, treatment and disposal of medical and hazardous waste to healthcare facilities. We pride ourself on customer service and offer the very best value to all of our customers as we take strides to ensure a safer, cleaner environment for our future.

Octagon Medical Services uses state of the art technology for proper regulatory disposal of your generated biomedical waste.

The Converter H series is an apparatus purposely designed for the treatment and sterilization of Biomedical Waste. The process allows one to get full sterilization no matter what the waste microbial load is. This innovative system reaches elevated temperatures which originate from the waste inside. The patented process is based on the transformation of mechanical energy into thermal energy. Converter H series applies the noted moist-heat sterilization method. However it’s not an autoclave. The final product is sterilized, dry and odour-free, with a reduction of 70% in volume, 30% in weight. Converter H doesn’t generate any kind of pollution such as waste-water or vapours released into the environment.

We pride ourselves on superior customer service and satisfaction

OMS was incorporated in 2002 and is a Canadian based company that is fully licensed with the Ministry of Environment in Ontario for the collection and transport of biomedical and hazardous waste. We provide a solution for proper biomedical and hazardous waste disposal and strive for the highest in customer service. OMS provides expert collection to reduce risk of personal injury and environmental impact. Octagon Medical Services (OMS) operates in a highly regulated industry and we assist in an understanding of these regulations to our clients.